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U-1st Community Federal Credit Union will not solicit confidential or sensitive member information via e-mail, telephone or other communication methods. The Credit Union will not send e-mails or text messages nor call a member requesting confidential information such as account numbers, passwords or personal identification numbers (PINs). Members are asked to report any such requests to the Credit Union immediately.

The Credit Unions web page should not be accessed from a link provided by a third party. It should only be accessed by typing our website name, URL address into the web browser or by using a bookmark that directs the web browser to the Credit Union’s website.

5-Star U-1st Community F.C.U. A Source of Security for its Membership

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Carlsbad, New Mexico – March 2024: BauerFinancial, Inc., the Nation’s Premier Credit Union and Bank Rating Firm, is pleased to announce that U-1st Community F.C.U., Carlsbad, NM, has earned its highest, 5-Star Superior rating for financial strength and stability. This marks the 67th consecutive quarter that U-1st Community F.C.U. has earned a recommended rating (5-Stars or 4-Stars) from the rating firm. This latest rating was assigned in March 2024 based on December 31, 2023 financial data and signifies that U-1st Community F.C.U. continues to be one of the strongest credit unions in the nation.


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CD rates

With these great CD rates from U-1st Community Federal Credit Union!

Six (6) Mos.$1,000.00*2.75%2.77% APY
One (1) Year$1,000.00*4.25%4.27% APY
Eighteen (18) Months$1,000.00*3.75%3.78% APY

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Lost or Stolen Card?

Credit CardPhone Number
To dispute transactions:1-800-600-5249
Fraud/Lost Card: 1-800-322-8472

Debit CardPhone Number
Fraud for Cardholders:                1-855-961-1602
Card Activation:1-855-726-4885
After hours Hot Card Service:      1-888-263-3370
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